About the Author

Justin Williams Pope is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based reporter, writer, and author.

He is a freelance reporter for Wilmington Star-News (Gannett), where he has covered church, school, and community events since 2010. He also serves as a writer for WILMA magazine and the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

Justin is a proud 2005 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he majored in Communication Studies.

Justin’s love for learning comes from growing up in a small, community elementary school where he learned to dream and he especially loved reading.

Growing up on a farm, Justin would adventure, and the farm animals were an important part of everyday life there.

In 2011, he published his first children’s book, Henry and Matilda’s Adventures in New York. A follow-up came in 2017, Henry and Matilda’s adventures in Charleston. The newest in the series, Henry and Matilda’s adventures in Washington D.C., joins the adventures while new stories are coming later in 2022.

Justin knows that the next adventure for Henry and Matilda– as well as all of us readers–is right around the corner!

About the Artist

I grew up in rural Johnston County, NC, with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and, of course, the farm. I learned how to do plenty of things, but I always knew I wanted to be an artist.

When I realized at the very young age of four that I could make a living as one, there was a certain relief in me. I knew I could look forward to getting up and working every day. Of course, at four, to the dismay of my parents, I was limited to crayons and the wall.

As I got older, I advanced to different mediums and surfaces. Now people want to pay me to paint on their walls!

I have been a graphic artist for thirty-five years and a freelance artist for about forty years. I love art, and my work is a reflection of what I see and how it comes out of my hands. Sometimes, that even surprises me!

I have challenged myself to try different styles so as not to become jaded. Because of this, I feel I have an eclectic variety of artwork that makes me happy. To me, that is as it should be.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed painting it. I thank God for giving me the talent. I just couldn’t do it without Him.

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