Farmer Judy has a lot of different animals that live on the farm with Henry and Matilda.


Roosters like Uncle Leland are a big part of life on the farm. Male chickens, called roosters, like to strut when they walk and they crow “cock-a-doodle-doo!” throughout the day–especially in the morning. They look like this:


Cows are the animals that say “moo” and give us milk and cheese. They spent a lot of time walking and laying down in fields and shady places. They look like this:

Cows in the trees


Sheep are sometimes really quiet, but they also like to “baa” to each other and hear their voices echo across a field or valley. They have really curly hair called fleece that we shave and make into wool yarn to make blankets and clothes. They also have milk we can use to make cheese. They spent a lot of time walking and eating grass, so we never really have to mow our fields. They look like this:


Pigs are the animals that say “oink”. They spent a lot of time eating and playing in the mud. They look like this:


Horses are the animals that say “neigh” and when they laugh we call it “whinnying”. They have a lot of muscles and help us pull carts and people. They do what cars do now, but they have been doing it for a lot longer. Horses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Here is one of our favorites. He has a white marking on his forehead called a star.

Star horse

Ms. Goose

Ms. Goose is a special bird on Farmer Judy’s farm. She wears special bows on holidays and greets everyone with a special squawk. Here her say hello:

Ms. Goose


Ducks are traveling guests at the farm. They love to fly to different places throughout the year to look for warmer weather and food. Ducks talk a lot and when they do it is a crackling sound called a “quack”. Here is a video from one of their trips to a special park in Virginia called Gypsy Hill Park.


Swans are beautiful white birds that travel to different places like the ducks. They have long necks with crooks in them, and they like to talk almost as much as the ducks. When they talk, they squeak like a car horn. They sound like this:


Fish of all kinds live in the water on the farm. They love to eat bread crumbs and other special food thrown at them. They are also good for eating slimy fungi in the water to help keep their home clean. They look like this: